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Profit Using KR to Help Local Offline Businesses (atomic)
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Doubts Creep In

Saturday, August 21st 2010 @ 9:09 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 1381 times

After a few days of getting no response from the client I uncovered what was holding him up.   He was simply worried that if I made changes to his Adwords campaign, he could possibly see negative results in the form of fewer sales.

His doubts stemmed from the fact that I did not do a good job securing an agreement of exactly the process I would use to optimize his campaign in a way that would not affect his existing campaign.  I decided to schedule another meeting to rekindle the rapport building part of the process and then give him more details on exactly what was going to happen once I had access to his adwords campaign.

I met with the owner the next week and was able to assure him that our methods would not have a negative effect on his current campaign.  I went back over in detail the ways I felt we could help his business improve their results on the Internet and this second meeting seemed to satisfy his doubts.

Next, Tommie Powers and I record a 40 minute video analyzing the customers current self produced Adwords Campaign.


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