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Q. What Information Can I Get About Keywords That People Search For?

A. Keyword Rockstar uses automation to retrieve various statistics for you and save you a lot of time. It initially uses Google's Keyword tool as the source for both synonyms and search volume.  However, from there, you can pull down a lot of other information about the keywords. 

Here is a list of the stats you can collect automatically for each keyword:

1) Monthly Local Search Volume
2) Monthly Global Search Volume
3) Advertising Competition
4) Estimated Average CPC
5) Estimated Ad Position
6) Estimated Clicks Per Day
7) Estimated Cost Per Day
8) Competing Page Count
9) All In Title Page Count
10) Commercial Intent Value (OCI)
11) Search Volume Trends
12) Highest Volume Month
13) Actual Number of Competing Ads on Google


There are two other very valuable pieces of information you can collect automatically for each keyword.

1) Placement Targets Available on Google, MSN, & Yahoo
2) Actual Ads For Keywords on Google

This data will help you build a placement targeted campaign and also help you write winning ad copy for your PPC campaigns.

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