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Q. Can Keyword Rockstar help me find a good domain name?

A. Yes, Keyword Rockstar can help you quickly find the best keyword rich domain name that has the highest search volume traffic.

It includes the availability for the following extensions:

1) .com
2) .net
3) .org
4) .info
5) .biz
6) .us
7) .mobi

The way this works is you start with the process of identifying keywords that have a minimum monthly search value, say >1000 (depending on your niche).  Then for Competing Pages, pick a number that is attainable (<50,000 very easy, <1,000,000 no so easy but doable, >1,000,000 hard).

Once you narrow down your keyword set with min searches and max competing pages, highlight the list, right click and use the option to search for keyword domains.

You can sort the resulting list decending by searches and pick one that is available that you think would be a good term and register the domain.

Of course, going through with this process presupposes the fact that the theory that a "keyword domain" will actually work in your favor as a natural ranking factor.  Some believe strongly that it does and I personally know SEO experts with high credibility that say it has zero benefit.

So follow the rule of testing everything. 

If you do have a keyword domain that ranks well for other reasons, like title tags and inbound links, that you can successfully monitize, I can assure you that you will be able to sell that domain for a higher price than a similarly perfoming non-keyword domain.

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